The new series of viking packs

Here at Viking Packs we have longed for a backpack suitable for a versatile day. 

A bagpack which can withstand the challenges from the nordic weather.

45 Liter capacity

Viking Packs has an extraordinary capacity on an amazing 45 Liter. With two big and two small rooms the bagpack provides enough space for any given day.

Water repellent

Our Viking Packs is made to match the Nordic weather and the challenges that follow. Rain, snow or storm, this backpack will not succumb.

high quality

With extra padding and straps the backpack not only overcomes the challenges of the north it also provides excellent comfort.


On the small front room, there is space for velcro patches that allow you to give your bag your own personal look. A self-selected patch is included with the purchase.


With extra straps that provide both hip and chest support, you can load well with the pounds in your bag, without straining your back. These features make the backpack a comfortable one to travel with.


MOLLE is an abbreviation that covers Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This means that you are able to add pockets and pouches yourself.

For a versatile everyday life

The backpack is designed to be used in the harsh Scandinavian nature and certainly puts no restrictions.

Solid 45L bagpack for all your tasks. The backpack gives you room for all your gear, while providing  a comfortable feeling on your journey.

Ideal for a short hike or a long weekend trip and of course your everyday life.

Viking Packs withstanding the nordic weater